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Alright, I will update this part of the site very very soon !!!!!

My name is Chris (for some people nickname Chrissu)

I started modeling when i was 14 years old and I have been a professional high-fashion model

for the last 12 years. 


i'm interested in making movies ( directing, producing etc, so far i managed to upload only few

short clips. As soon as i have more time i will update the Video section )


For my work as a model : check out my book in the Gallery section!


Check out the Video section to see the short movies, video clips

Pourquoi pas Blanche-neige pendant qu'on y est ?  - is currently competing around the world film festivals.

I played the fairy in the movie :)




I'm from: Estonia, Estland, Estonie, Estonialand

( It is a small country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe ) yes, actually a country

named ESTONIA does exist on this planet   and we speak estonian language!


During my free time i enjoy doing alot of different things such as sports, playing

fps games ,reading, taking pictures, driving and making short movies( check out the Video section! )

Zodiac sign: Leo ( in case you were wondering)

Religion: in god we trust,others must pay cash


Sports: i like sports,playing, watching, whatever it is,basketball, NBA (Kevin Garnett is

my fave player, KG!!!!) , Olympic games (track&field),  water-skiing, wake-boarding, pool,

bowling (i love bowling!!!!!),tugitoolisport (i don't know the

exact word in English, but basically it's just sitting on a sofa, hanging out and watching the game).

Favorite books or just some books that I keep reading again after some time):

„The Picture of Dorian Gray“- Oscar Wilde, „Nana“- Émile Zola, „The Lovely Bones“-Alice Seebold,

Thing of beauty“-Stephen Fried  ,"What Went Wrong?"(the clash between islam and

modernity in the middle east) -Bernard Lewis," "White House:Presidents and Politics"- E. Ivanjan 


Well of course I like to read magazines aswell. I like „Time“ „National Geographic“ and

ok ok every once in a while„Star““Us Weekly“ „In Touch“  

which is actually almost complete waste of time because first of all there

is nothing interesting or only made up stories, but still sometimes i find it entertaining:)

and second of all I really almost do not care what famous people are doing when they are

not doing what they’re famous for (shit,that sentence doesn’t make sense,or does it?)

but there is one thing that I like about those magazines,and it’s the tv guide in the

end, so when I check what’s on and then I have 10minutes until the program

starts, it’s good to kill some time reading unimportant news.

Music: where to start with this one…..i love listening to music, anywhere, anytime.

80's classic, 90's good stuff, instrumental (James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Bill Conti,

Angelo Badalamenti, Ennio Morricone, Vangelis, Kenny G), meditation, chillout,

soundtracks, house, electro/house.



Tv Series: I like CSI ( all of them,Miami,New york and Las Vegas) my favorite

character is Catherine Willows(played by Marg Helgenberger). She’s cool !

I also like The Nanny,I’ve seen all the episodes more that 100 times(ok,not really

100times) but I still don’t get bored. Niles and CC are so funny..hahahahhaa.

I really like 3rd Rock From The Sun as well, seriously it's one of the best tv series ever

created. All the characters are brilliant, my fave is Sally Solomon, she's very funny!

 And of course sometimes I enjoy watching classic ( in my opinion) tv series such as

Miami Vice, Murder She Wrote, Dr Quinn, MacGyver, The Golden Girls,

Married With Children, The Simpsons , Star Trek,

Mission Impossible (1988-1990)


Movies that i like:

A Fish Called Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis 10points) Alexander(the best

part of this movie was the music,in my opinion this soundtrack is one of the best

i’ve ever heard, too bad that Angelina Jolie’s character didn’t get more screen

time, and the movie was too long in the end, Alien 1,2,3,(classic!!!! But i still prefer to

watch it during the day) A Lot Like Love(i don’t know why exactly i like this movie, but i

do) American Beauty(Annette Bening amazing 10points)

American Ninja( ninja stuff is cool and Michael Dudikoff did a good job plus the

swords and ninja outfits looked real, not some fake ones that every once in a while i see

in different movies, tv serials. 

Bad Company ( Anthony Hopkins still gets 10points,i think he’s very charming)

Beverly Hills Cop Cash&Tango Cobra Commando Die Hard 1,2 Missing In Action

Terminator 2 (great classic 80’s action movies)

Gattaca( great sci-fi movie) Gia Girl Interrupted Tomb Raider(

the best movies from Angelina Jolie and the only ones that i like from her, well

Beyond Borders was nice too,but i can’t watch it 10 times,too depressing:()

Home Alone 1,2(still great entertainment , Joe Pesci 10points)

James Bond( especially with Roger Moore,A View To A Kill 1985 my favorite, MayDay

was scary hahaha, Max Zorin great villain, chateau in the movie was magnificent)

Kickboxer ( whatever you think about it,but Van Damme kicked ass and he looked and still looks hot hot hot)

La Marche de l'empereur(beautiful and sad) Leathal Weapon 1;2;3;(great great

great, the 4th one was ok but not as good as the first 3)

Mr Magoo,Naked Gun( Leslie Nielsen 1000points!!!!!!!!!! He’s soo funny and very talented actor)

Rambo ( what comments do you need about Rambo)

Sheena( critics say that it was one of the worst movies of all time but in my opinion

it wasn’t soooooooooooooo bad plus the music was great)

The Sweetest Thing (Christina Applegate 10points)

True Lies ( again Jamie Lee Curtis 10points,also nice comedy moments and good

action and Tia Carrere was excellent)

Blonde and Blonder (critics said it was a horrible movie, but i liked it, because it

made me laugh)

Of course there are more movies that i like to watch from time to time, i just couldn't

remember all of them at the moment. I will update the list when i have something to



so,what else about me......

anyway some things that i like : i like to drink tea with milk and sugar,hot chocolate,

fresh smell of grass(after raining), i like home-cooked food,i like going to the movies

and walk on the beach with wind in my hair and sand in my eyes.

i don't like coffee, annoying tv commercials, when my luggage

is lost/delayed, when my flight is delayed, subways full of people, asshole taxi drivers, traffic jams,

shopping, long lines in the bathroom/bank/shops/check-in/and everywhere else. 


Ok, for the moment that's enough about me 

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